Organising the Brain Through Movement

Each body tells us a learning story.

All of us are born with a set of primitive reflexes that assist us in developing, growing and surviving. In many cases, these primitive reflexes become inhibited (no longer active) by the time we we turn one. Sometimes, they can get stuck (remain active) and lock the nervous system in an incomplete, or immature state, and the body has to compensate. This can manifest as difficulties with home, school or social life. It can also impact confidence, mood, learning and behaviour.

If your child is experiencing problems, they may have a neuro-motor immaturity as an underlying cause and benefit from participating in one of our programs.


Do any of these challenges look familiar?

- Attention deficiency (ADD)
- Difficulty concentrating/sitting still
- Anxiety and panic disorders
- Autism diagnosis
- Learning difficulties
- Dyslexia or dyspraxia
- Motor/visual/auditory processing
- Emotional regulation
- Behavioural concerns
- Lack of coordination or clumsiness
- Speech delay
- Reading/writing/spelling difficulties
- Brain injury/stroke rehabilitation
- Reaching milestones
- Postural control issues
- Sensory processing difficulties
- Vision processing difficulties

If your child is experiencing difficulties, their body will communicate this.

"Reflexes reveal the inner functioning of the Central Nervous System, providing a window through which we can view the developmental level of a child."

- Sally Goddard. Reflexes, Learning and Behavior.

What We Do

At Connect Movement Therapy, we see children with many different concerns, ranging from emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties to physical challenges. We use our in-depth knowledge and experience of neurodevelopmental movement in a multi-disciplinary approach with parents, their children, schools and other therapists. By working with us in a program tailored to your particular circumstances, we put in place the foundations to assist in maturing your child's nervous system. The result is a calmer, more-regulated individual that can move past the previous concerns and concentrate on achieving their potential.

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